Feelings, woo-o-o

I am a middle aged guy really trying to move on from a person who I still have feelings for.  It is so hard. 

I met the person in question  about three years ago. We got on extremely well. There was chemistry between us. There was also a lot of flirting.

The person in question is my cousin’s wife. They are going through a divorce as far as I know. They were not together when I met her. I stopped contact with her about 3 months ago. It really was not going anywhere.

I have gone out of my way not to contact even though I really wanted to. I was still thinking about her and but just got on with things

Today I received a text from her.  All those feelings came back. I don’t want these!   I know she just wants attention and  compliments, nothing more.

I was stupid enough to respond to her texts and give her attention and compliments. She knows I am still interested. Texts from her have now stopped and she has moved on.

I am left with feelings to cope with. I will not contact her. I should not.  I should ignore her texts in future. Whether I will be able to do this is a different matter.