It’s that Friday feeling

pretty-Girl-on-a-Bicycle_-1936I am packing up soon and heading off home. I  now have that Friday feeling of just chilling out. 

My cleaner comes every fortnight on a Saturday.  Tomorrow is that day. She comes  in at 9am for a three hour clean and I leave her to let her do her stuff. I just do not feel comfortable being in my flat when she there. This is because I am a guy.

Normally I cycle to the office and then leave the office around 2pm. Tomorrow, I do not want to work. The question is what should I do myself for 3 hours in the morning? Starbucks? Food shopping?

You know, I can’t think of anything better than coming to the office and spending three hours doing some work. My productivity could have been so much better this week. I need to put in some hours anyway. I have the added advantage of a bike ride in the morning. It will put me in a good mood for the day.

This evening it will be a nice meal (not a fast day!) and some comedy on

Sorry – such a boring blog!