Hot! Hot! Hot!

For the last hour I have been Googling to find a user manual for Airforce WAP-35DIH Portable Air Conditioner. No bloody luck!

Paul Scholes from Acccounting web give me the AC free of charge. It was much needed in my office. We really miss the AC unit. It just stopped working late this afternoon.

I do not think there is anything wrong with it. It just shows a red light with water sign on it. I just cannot work out what that is. When I tiled it towards me to check back of the unit, there was water all over the place!

Our office is now back to being super warm with wet carpet! The AC unit made such a difference.

Will need to contact Paul to see if he knows what can be done.

Anyone else knows what needs to be done?

Need a AC unit! 

3 thoughts on “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. I had the same problem, i just fixed mine. it’s easy. unplug it first and give it a moment to discharge the capacitors so you dont get a shock..
    1. remove the back cover by unscrewing and pulling it up and out. it may take some wiggling.
    2. unscrew and remove the front cover – screws are at the top inside the back of the unit
    3. face the front of the unit. in the bottom left corner is a silver tube held in place by 2 screws. remove the bottom screw and slide the silver tube out to the left so its dangling on its wires.
    4. beneath the silver unit is a panel held by 1 screw. unscrew it. the panel is long and flat…coax it out of the front of the machine from underneath everything it sits on. dont disconnect the wires tho. the panel is long, you can push from the back of the machine as well as pull from the front. wriggle it out.
    5. a piece of rectangular polystyrene will come with it . this is the float. on top of the long panel is a (reddish) switch. as the water rises, the polystyrene floats up and pushes on the switch.
    6. clean off the polystyrene and the water tray beneath it, check that the flap flaps freely.
    7. carefully (live wires around!) plug in the air con and check that with the flap dropped down (not pushed up) the aircon unit works.
    8 if so, hooray, reassemble everything. job done.

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