Being a professional and emotions

I cannot say I am a typical professional. I see one of these as very much keeping their emotions in control.

As an I employee I found it very difficult to work out what  my line mangers felt about my disagreements. They simply did not display any emotion. It was  very much a British Stiff Upper Lip. I am useless at this.

I am very easy to suss out. When I am angry, hurt or disappointed people around me will know. This will be  through my behaviour, actions and my facial expressions.

I have read and seen what good etiquette in professional environment should be. My response to that is balls!  I am a human not a machine. I have feelings/emotions. If these are kept inside to fester, I would be one sick person.

Of course not fitting in a professional person mould affected my career progression. I was well aware of that at the time. I even tried the British Stiff Upper Lip. That was just not me.

Plus it is so boring in a “professional” environment. For Christ’s sake we are people with emotions/feelings. This means we go through a different range of emotions whether it be in work environment or outside this environment.

These emotions need to be expressed. To keep them inside will make a person sick. I say screw the professional behaviour and just be yourself. I wish I had this attitude years ago.

2 thoughts on “Being a professional and emotions

  1. This job is so stressful with all the deadlines and dealings with HMRC that its inevitable that frustrations have to be vented at some time.

    In all the offices I’ve worked in over the years I found it amusing to hear bellowed expletives echoing down the corridors from time to time.

  2. Hello Ned, thank you for reading the blog and for your comments.

    What you say reflects reality as I see it. We all at times just lose it. Nothing wrong with this.

    Just to be clear to anyone else who is reads this. I am in no way talking about my Accounting Web well justified defense. That is over and done with.

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