Practice Management Software

I am a little disappointed with myself for not setting up my practice with a decent practice management software far earlier. I was running and still am running my practice with to do list type software. This is just not good enough. It lacks key features such as setting up client relationships with different types of work, recording communication with clients and having all key data in one central place.

In the past I tried different PM software such as Logical Office and Practice Net. They just did not live up to the mark. My hard earned dosh was wasted.

More recently I am in the process of implementing WorkFlow Max a cloud based PM software. My early impressions of this software range from it’s good to I am not sure.

I am not finding WFM implementation easy. This is because of the following:

1) I am learning the features of WFM as I go along.

2) I am not sure what I want from WFM.

3) On areas that I am clear as regards to what I would like from WFM, I am not sure if WFM has the feature.

4) I am forced think clearly about our workflow. This is a good thing.

I gave up on WFM yesterday and decided to look for outside help. I called the only UK certified WFM partner. To my disappointment my call was not returned.

Today I carried on with the implementation of WFM. It was a better day in the sense that I began to see how WFM will really help us to be more productive. I would say I have now completed about 30% of the implementation. This was a crucial 30% since it involved a lot of thought around our workflow and how to get best out of WFM.

I will carry on with the implementation and I hope by Monday I should be up and running.  I will let you know!

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