My Sunday ramblings

What a week! A real emotional downer. My all time favorite accountancy forum (Accounting Web) banning me for 6 months. There was further bad news, I understand I am no longer a featured blogger. Must be a first for Accounting Web.

Anyway I have to put all this behind me and moving on now. I will just have to find other avenues. One of which is the birth of this blog. So far it has dismal reading rate! It is early days though. I have to give it time. Worst case scenario, I do not get any readers. I can live with this. Writing really helps me.

On the work front, it could have gone so much better. Workflow Max was put on the back burner. I do not know the reason why. It just did not happen.

It has been a week where I seem to have lost control of work. As you know, once you lose control, it leads to stress. So next week I need to gain control back. There is so much more to life than Accounting Web (good as it is).

How I will get control back:

1) It is a Fast Diet fast day tomorrow. That should clean my system and make me feel better.

2) Gym tomorrow – just light weights

3) Distract myself the moment I think about the whole Accounting Web saga (so annoying!).

4) Get to the office by 8 am, start working on Workflow Max. This will clarify work I need to do and when it had to be done.

5) Clean up my Gmail Inbox. I do this every week. I have not done this.

6) Get enough sleep!

7) Plan work and do it! Just Work, work, work. That feeling  of achievement will give me a high without drugs!

Okay this week has not been great I will make sure I have a far better week next week – start tomorrow.

I hope you have a great week too.  It would be good if you let me know by responding to this blog.

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