Accountants pay to be less boring!

I just do not believe this, any practice or any one person would pay anyone to learn how to be less boring. This is based on outdated perception that accountants are boring.

In life some people are just seen as boring. Nothing really can be done about this. Or can it?

How to be less boring service is offered by a popular and well respected blogger.

You only have to look at Accounting web to see the variety of accountants. I really do not see anyone who is boring.

Also what is seen as boring is highly subjective.

Dare I question the great and a highly respected blogger? I know I am not in his good books. It really does not matter. It is just that every time I see that boring is optional tag line, it really gets to me.

What if I find the person offering the training boring? What do I do then? Not that the blogger I am referring to is boring.

Mind you I am speaking from a perspective of not having attended boring is optional course. If you have, please let me know what it is like?

If you have benefited from the course, I would love to know

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