My Sunday ramblings

My week can be summed as a being a Xero week. There was Xero certification, other Xero webinars and the killer was and is WorkFlow Max. I want get this up and running ASAP since it will make a real difference to my practice.

Of course, there was client work but Xero did pull me away from this. I did gain a fair bit out of Xero webinars. I have really bought into the Xero concept. I even put my normally tight self aside and booked myself Xerocon on 25/09. I paid to hear about Xero!

At the time of booking I had to give my T shirt size since all participants will be given Xero a T shirt. I rather pay less than have a T shirt. It is going to a charity shop. It may end up in some third world country!  Please Xero don’t give a wad of papers and other complimentary stuff on the day.

I am a closet Eco-Warrior! Having said that I use an Air Con unit only because my office is next to a room with a massive telephone exchange unit that gives out so much heat.

WorkFlow Max has really got under my skin now. I love it because I can see it’s potential. I also find it annoying since as soon as I have thought about resolving one issue three issues come in my head. I know I will not get it be perfect. It will be a good PM software. With Xero introducing cloud based working papers WFM’s usefulness, I have no doubt, will increase further.  Kiwi’s always get it first!

Implementation  of WFM will be an early evening and weekend activity now. Client work needs to be done.

I intend to get to the office by 8am this week. Since I cycle I need about half hour to get into work. So work will start at 8:30am. Half hour break for lunch since it is a fast day. Then finish on the dot at 5pm. My intention is to work hard when I am in the office.

I really want to stop working weekends. At the same time when I don’t work. I just want to work. Expansion of my business is always on my mind. Anything else just does not interest me. I am a right boring sod! Hey that’s me and I ain’t changing!  I have more than enough hang-ups on my plate.

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