My Sunday ramblings

It has been another week where my to do list exceeded the time available. There are so many things I want to do in addition to client work.

Outside client work as mentioned in my previous blogs other aspects I really want sorted are:

1) Pricing – Determine and be transparent. Put this on the website

2) Practice management software – This is really bugging me now. Thank you all for your response on my previous post on this subject.

3) Marketing – Website changes, Google Pay Per Click, going big on Google

4) Continue with systemisation

5) CPD – Tax. I have bought personal tax module. It is excellent. It starts from the basics. I will move on to other modules once I have completed personal tax.

6) Xero Partner – I am already a partner but I would like to go through 4 hours training again and be re-tested. There have been many changes, I want to make sure I am up-to- date. I have booked myself on the  Xero certification webinar this week.

7) Move Direct Debit provider to Go Cardless.

8) I started using Evernote for personal  and business needs. It is excellent. For example my ideas on pricing and various websites I have seen on pricing are on Evernote. Any purchase invoices are now moved to Evernote. My ideas on renovation of my home are also on Evernote. This includes design ideas, carpeting, room measurements etc.

9) I have been paying Accountant Websmiths for tax and newsletters. The website design is my own. I am thinking is it worth it? I will think further when  coming up with drafts on changes to my website.

Food wise it has been a week (apart from fast days) of eating just too much. I am not looking forward to wii fit on Tuesday.

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