The market dictates price

Today I have been googling on fees accountants charge. The number of accountants that have a transparent pricing structure on their website has increased since last time I googled on this subject. This is about 4 months ago.

As I mentioned before my current fees are high. This is the feedback I have received from some potential clients.

Over the next two weeks I intend to come up with a transparent pricing structure.  This will go on my website. One area that concerns me is how  I deal with existing clients who are paying me the agreed fees. They will understandably ask for a fee reduction when they see that I have reduced my fees.

May be the loss in existing fees would be just be too much to put my transparent fees structure on my website.

I also had a helpful telephone discussion with another AW member  morgani on various issues.

The benefits of blogging! A free AC unit from Paul Scholes  and exchange of ideas with  morgani.  I will be in touch Paul,  I just found out my car’s MOT has expired. Need to get that sorted first.

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