Thinking about my week ahead

Just thinking about my week ahead, of course starting tomorrow.

It will be packed week. They are three sets of accounts to be filed. 2 of which are big clients. Thankfully one of them is very straightforward. For this one I received the missing information from the client earlier on today.

On the remaining two big ones clients have promised me missing information first thing Monday. Hopefully I will get this.

We are also plugging away with self assessment returns for 2012/13. It is going so much better than last year. We have got one big partnership return out of the way. Once the remaining two big returns are out of the way, it will be such a relief. The aim is to get these done by the end of August.

Then the remaining ones, where we are able to get client information, to be completed by the end of October. This will then mean for the first time since I started, a stress free January! Whether we achieve this remains to be seen.

Our practice was intending to go through major change. This just has not worked out. I am not able to provide any further information. I would be breaching the terms I signed up to.

Sis and I have other ideas for the future that we are currently looking into.

I intend to get to the office early. The great weather means I am not as productive in the afternoon.

I hope your week will be productive.

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