I am just another me too accountancy practice

In my studies for MBA I learnt the importance for not being just another me too business. “You need to have a USP”  is what was/is being said.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently and I know I am nothing more than another me too practic  providing the same service as other accountants not only in my locality but also nationally.

I keep asking myself what USP can I have? I cannot come up with an answer. My limited brain says to me. You do complaince work that is outlined by law. You cannot have a USP on this? Then I ask myself how about having a USP in the way I deliver the service? Well I could say completetion of all work within 2 weeks of receipt of information and queries responded within 24 hours promise?  Are these USPs? I don’t think so.

I looked at many accountants websites claiming to have a USP. To me, send us all your paperwork and we will do the rest for example, is not a USP (no disrepect to those who provide this type of service). Or is it a USP? Completing work with 2 weeks is not a USP.

I looked at TaxAssist, okay they are a national franchise with many shops across the country. Basically they do the work in the same way as any other accountant. I do not see them as having a USP. Thier marketing and PR is superb. This does not make USP?

I then asked say to myself, okay so I am just another me too practice. So why do some clients come to me and not go to another accountant in the area. Some do visit 2 to 3 accountants in the area before they decide to join me, even though my fees are higher. Other do not join me because my fees are higher.

So far my limited brain has come up with the following – in your industry you do not have a USP. What is it  I need to do to get more clients will be the subject of my next blog. This blog will become too long!

Please feel free to comment/challenge what I am saying. I would be more than happy for any comments that correct any misunderstanding on my part.

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