Goodbye Red Brompton

Posted on AW on 26/09/2011

As many know, I cycle everywhere. It is so much easier, no parking problems and waiting around (to my shame I jump red lights). I cycled to a Santander branch.  I locked my lovely £800 red Brompton bicycle. As I came out of Santander, I was shocked to see my Brompton had gone, and the lock was left intact

It was parked about 5 minutes’ walk from a Police Station.  I went straight to the Police. To my surprise, they were really helpful. They immediately put a call out for a red folding Brompton.

I do not think I will get my Brompton back. I am now bike less. I will walk into Halfords tomorrow and buy one of those £150 bikes.  I need a bicycle. I do not like driving. Just waiting in traffic is such a waste of time. With cycling, I get to my destination, and I also get exercise.

Okay, I was careless. I was in such a rush that I did not lock the Brompton properly. I put the lock on the seat post making it very easy to remove the bike from the lock, without breaking it.

New bike order for me tomorrow.


Good old days on AW. A fantastic response on AW to this post. A must read:

I think I had 4 other bikes that disappeared since parting with my red Brompton. 

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