Women Only

Currently, I have two women employees. I am very happy with both of them. They are great to work with. They  work hard. My experience of working with women has been positive. Where as my experience of working with me has been mixed. 

My blog on AW on 19/09/2011

One of my new clients surprised me today by saying that he was looking for new staff and that he would only employ women.

He has a successful business in Norway that only employs women. The new positions in the UK are key sales roles.

I did mention to him this was discriminatory and he would be breaking EU law. He just disregarded my comment.

His reasons for employing only women are:

  • His customers are middle aged men who  prefer to deal with women
  • Women are more loyal
  • Women are not selfish and generally not there just for the kill.

The question I asked myself as my practice builds up, should I do the same? It is tempting but I would not do this. This is not for any legal, moral or ethical grounds. It is simply because it would be more commercial to have a mixed team. My experience has proved that a mixture of people in a team is good for creativity, productivity, and staff motivation.

Having said all this, I hope the all important criteria for me would be is the person the right fit for the job? Sex, creed or race should not come into this. In the end, I am  human and may just go for the looks! I hope not.

Can you share your experience of working in a single sex or mixed teams? Do you have a preference?

The response to this blog on AW is far better than my post. Here is the link:


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