Lack of Control

I feel uncomfortable going through my previous blogs. I talk about change. I have made some changes, but this is just not enough.  The earlier blogs say so much about my lack of real action on some key aspects. 

This is my third year in practice, and I had to admit to myself this week I am not fully in control of my practice. I have been concentrating on growth, growth and growth. Followed by delivering to clients on what I promised.

My total lack of control are the following areas (so difficult to admit this!)

1. Credit Control – Simply stated are clients paying my fees? I have not checked if each client is paying my fees as agreed. I am looking into this now.

2. Some of the paperwork is in a mess. I then spend so much time looking for records. The paperless journey is such a help.

3. Outlook is failing me. I am not receiving random emails on Outlook.

4. No Clear strategic map on the direction I want to go.

I do not feel in control. I need to take charge. I have just started to tackle no one on the above list. I will make a plan to start in other areas.

At times I think am I the right person in the right business? At the same time, there is something inside me saying this is so good for you. You will succeed with this. This is what keeps me going.

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