Not a good day today

Its not been a good day for me today. Time wasted with a prospective client. Just feel so exhausted today.

Ate so much! Feel terrible and fat! I have not started my food dairy. Bought a nice book from W H Smiths to be my food diary from tomorrow.

Also visited my elderly mother to check if she was okay. Collected my ties from the dry cleaners. Got home. Did some ironing felt so tired could not complete it. Tasks for tomorrow food shopping, clean flat, complete ironing and get ready for Monday. What an exciting life I lead!

I will make an effort to go for a long walk with my iphone and audio book. Will stop for a coffee if Starbucks is not packed. It will cheer me up. Otherwise I will just end up eating more and feel even worse.

One good thing that has happen is a response on my thread today. I am so pleased with the helpful comments. Really great people on AW.

I will now stop meeting clients and working over weekends. It is just not worth it.

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