Key issues facing a sole practitioner

I find blogging on AW a real help in clarifying my thinking and clearing my brain. I am really humbled when people click, read and comment on my blog. I find the comments so helpful. Thank you all.

Leaving my relatively comfortable life of employment, I have found I have some very difficult issues to handle and sort out as a sole practitioner. I am reasonably certain  I am not different to other sole practitioners.

What are they issues?

IT – In all aspects of our life IT  is playing an increasingly important role. On the work front, IT has a direct impact on bottom line (profit). Get IT systems right (everything working seamlessley!) this will improve my productivity, stress level and impress my  clients on how switched on and in control  I am.

That’s the thing it is not working seamlessely for me. I am trying to improve. Get one thing right and something else crops up!! It drives me mad!

At times I think it would be  better to get an outsource IT function who would handle the IT problems for me? Experience has shown that even with having an IT support function there are still problems. I have not comes a seamless IT function in my working life.

Yet  software providers sell their service- “this will work and cut down your working time”! This has not been this case. Time saved will be used up in sorting out the problems on their software.

I have found my reliance on IT continues to increase. This is combined with an increase in my stress level over IT. For practitioners is there a one integrated system that meets all our on planning, monitoring and also helps us with accounts and tax production needs? Theere are systems that  promise to be all these, but they fail. I am a mug to be taken in by their marketing. Bit like before and after photos of various types of diets. See them in a few years time!

Competing demands on my time – I concentrate on marketing, I am behind with chargeable work. When I spend my time catching up client work. I negelect looking for new customers to ensure survival. I go to networking meetings I am late in getting to office. There is also systemising, CPD and of course making sure my fees are paid.

To be frank I am in a bit of mess and I need put in some long hours to take control.

Then I meet some people who are so in control and really balance the competing demands on their time. I have respect for them but at the same time I am jealous. How the hell do they do it!

I have read the books – eat that frog, 7 habits, Getting things done. I know what I should be doing but I am not taking ACTION. What is the point of reading, thinking but no action!

If there is one thing I need to take on board as a self employed person is that the success or failure of my business is entirely down to me. This would depend on the day to day decisions I make and my own attitude on  whatever sole practitioner’s life throughs at me. Buck starts and stops with me. I have nowhere to hide.

Are you in control of you professional and personal life? Please share your experience.

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