My Week: Retail Unit 4 Years

Hello folks.  It was a stressful week. There is a lot to do to get my practice to back to the stage it was just over two years ago. 

Please note, I have varied the content on this site to what you will read on Accounting Web.

Retail Unit/Office

We reached our fourth-year anniversary of moving into a retail unit. The rentals saved, over the period, has now paid for the renovations. From here on, returns kick in through rental savings. Paying rent, over the long term, is a fool’s game.

Reviewing the current reduced fee base, I gave some thought to working from home and leasing my retail unit. I decided against it since I wanted a workplace outside my home.

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FT: Where is that spark?

Hello folks. A short post.

After two years of hiatus from practice work and a drop in recurring fee income, I do not know where to start.

I am working on finding the highly motivated small practice owner that I once was.

The actions I took in the past to get my practice from zero fee to a level that I considered good, I am not sure will work now. I am out of date on marketing.

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Seeking Clarity

Hello folks. As you know real life does not follow a series of neat steps that “advisors” promote. Life is messy, unpredictable and rarely goes as planned. Even if it does, that does not last long.

Life gets messier with age through and more and more responsibility.

Over the last two years, I was forced to get off the treadmill of practice management and expansion. In fact, I went through practice contraction. I became a carer of an elderly parent. That phase of my life is now over.

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