My Week: Procrastination?

Hello folks.  Days are flying. Time just goes. We are towards the end of the third quarter of 2021,  I do not have much to show for the year. 

Once again, it was a busy week. A fair amount of my time was taken up on sorting my IT. 

SEO and Marketing 

I have not made up my mind about SEO and marketing. I am getting different information depending on the SEO person I am talking to. This has confused me even more. There is one person who sounds promising. I intend to talk to him in detail next week. I liked the fact that he did some background work that was relevant to my practice before sending me a report. 

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My Week: Moving Forward

Hello folks. I am making progress and developing my practice. It is going at a slower pace than I would like. The key point is I working on my practice and not in it. Eat your hearts out, practice advisors/gurus.

I have seen it time and time again, it is not about the technical tax and accounting knowledge, that is needed for business development.  For growth, it is DIGITAL MARKETING skills, in various forms. 

It would not surprise me if a survey shows, practice owners with limited or no technical accounting and tax skills make better practice owners.

As accountants, we are technically trained. We are more suited as employees. We get too involved in the day to day. Most of us are in jobs (employees), doing the work that is not meant for owners. 

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My Week: Local Google

Hello folks.  Every time, I post a blog, at the back of my mind, there is always a nagging question, am I giving too much information to competitors? 

There is something in me that wants to put things in writing. For some reason, a private diary does not work in the same way.  This may be because it is human nature to share one’s day to day experience.  

I ask myself, are the benefits of blogging matched by giving too much information away? My answer varies to day to day. As you know, real life does not provide straightforward answers.  

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My Week: Retail Unit 4 Years

Hello folks.  It was a stressful week. There is a lot to do to get my practice to back to the stage it was just over two years ago. 

Please note, I have varied the content on this site to what you will read on Accounting Web.

Retail Unit/Office

We reached our fourth-year anniversary of moving into a retail unit. The rentals saved, over the period, has now paid for the renovations. From here on, returns kick in through rental savings. Paying rent, over the long term, is a fool’s game.

Reviewing the current reduced fee base, I gave some thought to working from home and leasing my retail unit. I decided against it since I wanted a workplace outside my home.

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